5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

The moment I spotted Isadou Island, Suriname in the motorized kayak on our strategy, I knew I was in for something special. There are so many reasons to visit with Isadou Island. Before I landed on its beaches that much was clear. I noticed that there aren’t any streets in this region of the Amazon Rainforest. By travel along the Upper Surinamese River, which is were Isadou Island is 19, the locals get around.

Isadou Resort

My Arrival

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5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

The men and women who reside along this lake, the Maroons, are after being attracted during the Atlantic Slave Trade, the descendants of African slaves who escaped to the interior of Suriname. They could maintain elements of their language and culture, each of which can be on display in and on.

Go on a Jungle Trek

Meeting the Locals

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I fell in love with its people and Isadou Island during my time there, and I have to remind my friends at Jenny Tours for making it such a wonderful experience. These are the 5 reasons why visit with Isadou Island in Suriname.

Swim from the Suriname River

Sensitivity when Visiting

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Isadou Island is about as near as you can get to a unspoiled tropical paradise at the Surinamese rainforest. One of the best reasons to visit Isadou Island would be to break free from everything. There’s no WiFi, so being there compels you to put away tablet your phone , and laptop, and simply delight in the atmosphere and the people that you’re there with. The ideal spot is Isadou Resort.

Tour the Village that is Local


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5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

Made up as you arrive on the island that could readily be spotted, Isadou Resort is minimalistic and pastoral. You won’t ever find infinity pools spas, or posh suites here. However, you’ll find tranquility. As somebody who’s always on the move and using my devices for work, it was pleasant to be somewhere where I could unplug and invest long stretches of time just relaxing. It disturbs me a great deal of my time at the San Blas Islands in Panama, a location that’s almost totally off the grid.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

Try Amazon Food


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5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

The bungalows consist of a bathroom just within the entry, and a room with 2 beds with mosquito netting beyond that. An electric lover stood between the 2 beds. My door led to a little terrace with a hammock that provided breathtaking views of the Suriname River.


The hotel, that’s the dreamchild of Saramaccan tribespeople Aelientje Adipi along with Andre Kaise, has been built between 1994 and 2000. The bungalows are arranged around a central lawn. This quiet, peaceful resort offers everything you might want and is one of the reasons to visit with Isadou Island.

When you are on Isadou Island, one of the advantages is that you’ll have a great deal of downtime where you can chill and revel in the company of the people. But when you’re ready for an enjoyable action, one of the options is really a jungle trek. I advise bringing along with you and using sunblock and mosquito repellent before you go.

A boat ride throughout the river may take you to a man-made trail that leads deep into the rainforest that is local. I recommend heading to the woods for around 45 minutes and then going back down the trail to your ship. There is still a great deal of brush Despite the fact that the route was cleared by humans.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

One of the reasons why I consider this jungle trek one of the reasons to stop by Isadou Island is that you get to immerse yourself in nature. As sound is made by walking through the jungle it may be tough to catch a glimpse of a lot of wildlife. But when you quit and are quiet, you realize that the jungle around you is alive with the sounds of insects and creatures everywhere. You may spot a number of the sloths, monkeys, or even tortoises if you are lucky!

I managed to see a black monkey high up, although during our trek, the creature I encountered the most were mosquitoes. Remember that any sort of nature walk can be hit-or-miss when it comes to wildlife. They won’t, although Occasionally animals will show up. Keep that in mind and revel in the experience!

NOTE: When you proceed down the trail, the path can be slippery, especially if it has rained recently and becomes quite thin in places. Therefore, I recommend wearing footwear that is comfortable but appropriate. My sneakers held up well, but a boot with grips on the floor would be optimal.

Suriname is situated on the northern coast of South America. But as you travel deeper into the interior of the country, you get closer to the equator. Due to that, Suriname is sweltering all of the time. One of the reasons to visit Isadou Island is you could enjoy a dip from the Suriname River!

The river is nice and cold , while it is not unusual for the air temperature in and around Isadou Island to scale to the triple digits and the nineties Fahrenheit. It is the perfect place to cool off and have a bit of fun. There’s an area of the river with a swift current that runs over and between a whole lot of large, smooth stones. Because of the rapidly flowing water, then you do not have to worry about freshwater predators like caimans, anacondas, along with piranha, which prefer calmer waters.

Ease in the water and then anchor your thighs between the stones so the current will not take you away, and you may experience a sort of massage-like effect as the water pummels the back. It seems incredible and is the thing to do on a moment! It is one of my reasons to visit with Isadou Island for a motive . You can not beat it!

When I travel, I’m all about immersion. For me, there are few things more rewarding than meeting people in new areas, trying their meals, seeing their houses, and seeing the way they live. So there’s no way I can see Isadou Island without requiring a trip around.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

Jaw Jaw is situated only a few minutes and could be achieved by motorized canoe. It is situated near the Jaw Jaw rapids, which have caused the village some hardships through the years. The river flooded or four meters straight back in 2006, forcing the locals to evacuate. They’ve also lost crops because of rising seas, once the water levels have been normal, but they returned.

My main aim was to get a special souvenir to take home together, but I also couldn’t wait to see what their village is all about. From Imro I had learned In the little ahead, I can tell I couldn’t wait to satisfy with them and that they had been resilient and resourceful people.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

Upon arriving I learned that Jaw Jaw is home to approximately 500 inhabitants. They are members. The locals create canoes until they’re wide enough for people to sit inside by burning and stretching huge parts of wood. I learned that it is customary for married couples to sleep in separate homes and have a peek at some homes that were local. Kitchens are typically located outside.

I have to watch some casaba soup is made by a girl. The origin she used is known as yuca. Following a bit of searching, I discovered my souvenir: a carvedwooden paddle. It was sold by A guy to me for about $25 USD, or 200 SRD. I couldn’t wait to show it!

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

I continued through the village and as my friend and guide Imro, I now realized that the houses had electricity. There was a guesthouse in town, and I noticed that they had some yellow-foot turtles there. Turtles are my favorite creatures, so I was sad to find out that the turtles are eaten by them. A guy at the guest house showed a turtle shell to me that he had preserved and then showed me that his toucan. It flitted I couldn’t get a photograph with it, although it was a bird.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

The locals are really friendly as if you needed more reasons to stop by Isadou Island. We met with a woman selling some beautiful, hand-stitched scarves Since Imro and I continued through the community. She offered it for about $10 USD, or 75 SRD to me and wrapped a purple-and-yellow one around me.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

Is that this really is a real village with people. There, I saw locals bathing naked. Please be more respectful, if you are traveling with a camera. Don’t take photographs or videos of them in sensitive scenarios. But enjoy your time at the village. It’s one of the principal reasons to visit Isadou Island and is an cultural experience.

One of the best reasons to visit Isadou Island would be to try out some Amazonian food. The food in the island is unpretentious and simple and is produced out of ingredients. The key is that everything there’s locally-sourced. Grains, meat, and the vegetables are from the immediate place, and nothing is ever frozen. Each meal is as fresh as you can get, because of that, and you really can taste the quality.

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

Meals take place in the Isadou Resort dining halls. There, a variety of specialties are offered. Breakfast consisted of a sweet fruit, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, fluffy scrambled eggs, and casaba bread. You could get coffee in addition to the choice of butter, peanut butter, and hazelnut spread to the bread.

Lunch at the hotel is one of the reasons that are wonderful to visit with Isadou Island. The dish is a deliciously fresh chicken that comes coated in a Asian-inspired marinade. There were also melon greens, which reminded me of a spicy and soupy coleslaw.

The meal includes sides of pineapple, beans that are earthy, and rice. It is a healthy and tasty meal you have to try for yourself! An Indonesian chicken that’s very similar to Jamaican jerk chicken and bitter eggplant is included by other offerings out there for lunch.

Dinner at Isadou Resort is a tasty affair. Whether you attempt even the casaba soup with rice and poultry or the beans with casaba bread, your taste buds are in for a treat. Like I attempted the casaba soup, I had been amazed to find out that it tasted equal to yuca. It turns out they are regional names for exactly the root. It contained nice chunks of poultry and has been amazing after I added it and seeds together.

If you would like fresh, delicious, and organic jungle-inspired food, then you must travel to Isadou Resort. It is one of the reasons to visit with Isadou Island. It’ll have you craving fresh food from your very first bite!

The memories I made there will last a lifetime, although I may have just spent thirty-six hours on Isadou Island. From my incredible trek through the jungle, to my tour of Jaw Jaw village, to the food, I’m convinced this is an island everyone needs to experience. It might be much and low-key but that’s what makes it memorable and so charming. Book a trip to Suriname to experience the reasons to stop by Isadou Island for yourself!

5 Reasons to Visit Isadou Island in Suriname

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