The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

The ancient town of Volubilis is the best evidence of how the Romans inhabited once the lands of Morocco. Breathtaking through destroys and its grandeur, this stunning Roman site, is situated only pushes in Morocco, Rabat’s funding. Next time you’re in Morocco you should think about introducing Volubilis in your own itinerary, aside from the splendid beaches and economies of the nation, and discover Morocco’s tales. The roman town of Volubilis, Morocco will make an impression!

The ancient town of Volubilis is situated at the base of the Atlas mountains, surrounded by almond and olive trees. The closest town that is modern is Moulay Idriss. Since 1997, Volubilis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Originally, this site was a Carthaginian settlement founded in the 3rd century BC. The Romans arrived here around 25 BC and acquired that the settlement. The period of Volubilis began during Juba II’s reign, a Berber prince produced from the Roman Emperor Augustus as the ruler of the Area. Juba II was married to the daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

After the successor of Juba II was Killed by the Roman Emperor Caligula for the crime of wearing a robe beautiful, Morocco became the Roman province of Mauretania Tingita. 

The town was home to baths and homes, a forum, a triumphal arch, temples and mansions. The inhabitants of Volubilis were very diverse, here residing from Syrians and Africans to Spaniards and Jews. Volubilis’ populace numbered about 20,000 inhabitants during the golden era of town.

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In 40 AD, Volubilis became a municipium in This Roman African Place of Mauretania Tingita.

The town obtained its fortifications, As soon as the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus dominated the empire AD.

The fertile lands of this province were a source of grain and olive oil, and were also exported to Rome. Volubilis was likewise a stop of the Roman royal roads that spanned France, Spain, the northern town of the Morocco , Tangier, and finally reached Volubilis.  Christianity was practiced in this area, and Latin was the language spoken by the Greeks, Syrians and Jews who were residing in Volubilis.

The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

However, the Romans had a hard time getting Together with All the Berbers.

The Berbers were from the Romans against the exploitation of the lands Even though they brought also the media, sundial and the utensils to Morocco, helping the local market. After 300 decades of quarreling with each other and the Roman Empire began to crumble, Morocco was abandoned by the Romans.

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The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

Once they took control of the town, they managed to live with the Greeks, Jews and Syrians that dwelt on those lands, until the sultan Moulay Ismail came to electricity.  Visitors from all over the world meet on the lands of this city to learn more about the past of Morocco. This Website becomes the scene of the Fes Festival of Sacred World Music , each June.

The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

Volubilis is covered in glorious remains of the Roman planet that used to dominate this site 2,000 decades ago and tourists are going to have the opportunity to admire from many sections of the Roman walls which surrounded the town and enormous columns, to remains of altars and temples and splendid mosaics. On-site there is the Capitol, a basilica, an aqueduct and a triumphal arch that is stunning.

The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

The arch now in Volubilis is dedicated to the Roman Emperor Caracalla, who to all the inhabitants of the Roman Empire offered citizenship in 212 AD. This arch was constructed on the departure of the emperor, at 217 AD, and used to indicate also the beginning of the principal street of town. Inspired by the Romans since Decumanus Maximus, this is villas that nevertheless boast impressive mosaics, a destination lined with stores and the most lavish road in Volubilis.

Among the most prominent structures in town is Orpheus’ House that’s adorned with a massive mosaic flooring which communicates Orpheus singing in his harp while wild creatures. The home has a mosaic which illustrates dolphins. The next villa is adorned with a mosaic depicting nymphs which carry off the son of Hercules, Hylas.

The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

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The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

Visitors will get to see a mosaic which tells the story of this hunter Acteon who shocks that the goddess Diana bathing since the hunter has been changed by Diana to a stag and ends up killed by his own dogs. Anywhere you look, you may see fragments of mosaics illustrating the gods of Bacchus, Dionysius and wine, which means that the inhabitants of Volubilis were passionate particularly when turned to wine.

Above Orpheus’ House, people can get the ruins of basilica and the Capitol, the public buildings of town.  The wealth of the town came in the export of wild creatures which were delivered to be killed in Rome’s Coliseum and wheat fields, but also from its olive orchards. That is the reason why, in only 200 decades, animal species like Atlas Bear and the Barbary Lion vanished.

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It seems that this historical town was at a state until the 18th century, when the site was altered by the Sultan Moulay Ismail for his palace at Mekness in a quarry for building materials, situated nearby.  Then you need to stand on one of both twin slopes of Moulay Idriss , the white town, if you wish to capture a view of the Roman city of Volubilis.

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